About Us

The daily struggle of constant exhaustion and the realization that many endure this led to seeking a solution. This was the beginning of a journey to learn more about sleep and how to get enough of it. Along the way, the awareness of how crucial it is to get proper rest became somewhat daunting. The reason is that many, many people easily have built a massive sleep debt for various reasons. The cost? Many things can go terribly wrong: A weakened immune system, inability to think clearly, and emotional imbalance are only some of the  devastating effects. Beyond this, sleep deprivation can even lead to premature death due to the body being inhibited from running properly.The dark side of this was learning how damaging sleep deprivation is for our health. On the bright side, we at Somnificent enjoy the study of sleep and find its benefit to the human body fascinating. Even better news is that there are ways to help mend our broken relationship with sleep. When there’s so much to do in only 24 hours, it’s no surprise that we often would rather avoid bedtime. Somnificent aims to provide supplies to help you look forward to sleeping instead of running from it. Rest is something we all require and when we value it, our bodies will be thankful. It is our mission to help you optimize this important portion of your day, providing enjoyment and much-needed comfort.