Is the pillow hard or soft?

Medium-soft and adaptable to the person's neck, able to remain comfortably in place for support. 


Will there be a smell?

According to feedback, there is minimal to no smell at all. In the case of minimal smell, it is reported that it fades very quickly.


How do I clean it?

It can be cleaned by removing the cover and handwashing or by washing machine. We advise against placing it under direct sunlight.


Is there a pillow case? 

It is provided with the pillow.


Is it better for sleeping on my back or on my side?

Either is fine, although it is especially popular for back sleepers.


Will I need to pay for the sleep mask?

It is given at no extra cost.

Is the pillow low or high?

The pillow is somewhat low, especially in the center. It is made to surround the cervical spine.


How long before the pillow takes its shape after opening the package?

It expands quickly.